Drag race: McLaren 720S Spider vs BMW S1000RR vs Ariel Atom 4

McLaren 720S vs Ariel Atom 4 vs BMW superbike drag race

An open-top supercar, a track day special and a circuit-bred superbike face off over the half-mile to see which is fastest

Summer is on the way, meaning it’s finally warm enough to drive with the roof down or your crash helmet on. As good an excuse as any for finding out which is fastest in a drag race: a folding-top supercar, an open cockpit track toy or a super bike?

We’ve already put the McLaren 720S through its paces, where it managed to best McLaren’s Senna track special to 60mph, but this open-top Spider is 49kg heavier. Still, with a twin-turbo V8 engine producing more than 700bhp, it’s the one to beat.

The Ariel Atom 4 produces a much lower 320bhp from its Honda Civic Type R-sourced engine – but then it only tips the scales at a little over 500kg.

Lighter still is the superbike, the 2019 BMW S1000RR. It produces 207bhp from a four-cylinder inline engine, and revs to a stratospheric 14,600rpm. Importantly for this race, it also has launch control.

Which is fastest to 60mph and 100mph, and over the quarter mile and half mile distances? You’ll have to watch to find out.


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Source: Autocar

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