How many drive modes is too many?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N has endless driving mode combinations With Hyundai's Ioniq 5 N having 2000 combinations for its drive modes, has it all gone too far? Hyundai executives can get defensive about criticism of the number of drive modes and options on performance cars like their i30 N. That’s

From the archive: on this day in 1963

Some 3000 Cortina Lotuses were made; another 4000 in Mk2 form from 1966 Lotus turns the Cortina into a delightful GT, rallies come to UK forests, Dartford's tunnel opens When lotus founder Colin Chapman needed a replacement for his race cars’ Coventry Climax four, he hired its creator, Autocar journalist

Mercedes EQE SUV

Stuttgart continues to expand its family of luxury electric cars with another big SUV There’s something reassuringly, quintessentially Mercedes-Benz about the name of the company’s latest electric car. It’s an SUV version of the Mercedes EQE saloon, so it has been called the EQE SUV – natürlich.Its mechanical specification is equally