Autocar Great British Women 2019: Aston Martin’s Laura Schwab on how to succeed in the car industry

Aston Martin's president of the Americas Laura Schwab

Aston Martin’s president of the Americas opens up about early career struggles, the importance of mentors and how to find a work-life balance

Aston Martin’s President of the Americas Laura Schwab delivered the keynote speech at the Autocar Great British Women – Rising Stars event in 2019, outlining her key life lessons for career progression built around a mantra of being yourself.

In a spellbinding address Schwab, formerly director of marketing at Jaguar Land Rover, admitted she initially struggled to settle on a career path after excelling at tennis during her university years, before going on to study law, a subject that failed to excite her.

After taking a role at an online car sales firm at the start of the internet age and then progressing with Jaguar Land Rover as a result of her tenacity and guidance from key mentors, she travelled to take on a high-flying role in the UK before being persuaded to take up her role at the head of Aston Martin operations along the way.

In this remarkably honest and open speech about her life, Schwab outlines many of the successes and pitfalls she enjoyed and encountered, as well as giving advice on how to progress a career, either inside or outside of the car industry.

Examples include the importance of finding mentors and being honest enough to work with them, perseverance through setbacks and the importance of finding a work-life balance and giving colleagues room to do their jobs.

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Source: Autocar

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