David Brown previews special edition Mini Remastered

David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered preview

Limited-run Mini will feature bespoke colour combinations and an uprated A-Series engine from racing specialist Oselli

David Brown Automotive has previewed a special edition of its Mini Remastered to celebrate the original motoring icon’s 60th birthday.

Set to be unveiled at next month’s Goodwood Revival event, the limited-run model will feature a number of performance-enhancing modifications and bespoke colour schemes. 

The original Mini’s A-Series engine will be retained, but has been tuned and modified by classic racing specialist Oselli. 

Precise details of the mechanical enhancements are yet to be confirmed, but are likely to include a lightweight camshaft, strengthened head and high-pressure oil pump, as with the standalone performance A-Series units Oselli currently sells. 

As well as unique liveries and uprated engine, the special edition Mini Remastered will be offered with optional matching race suits and helmets.

Company founder David Brown said: “We are experts in car design and engineering, while Oselli add to our combined knowledge as long-term specialists in honing race car performance.

“The classic Mini has a rich racing heritage and our new car, to be revealed in full soon, gives customers yet another reason to want to own a Mini Remastered now that we are also catering for the performance market.”

Just 60 will be built, and are expected to command a premium over the standard model’s £75,000 starting price. 

Silverstone-based David Brown Automotive was founded in 2013, and launched its first model, the Jaguar XK-based Speedback GT, the following year. 

The Mini Remastered was revealed in 2017 as a safer, more luxurious and subtly restyled version of Alec Issigonis’ 1959 city car. Production of two previous special editions, ‘Inspired by Café Racers’ and ‘Inspired by Monte Carlo’, was limited to just 25 units. 

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Source: Autocar

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