New Land Rover Defender available as 2573-piece Lego Technic kit

2019 Lego Land Rover Defender revealed

Revealed alongside full-sized car, detailed toy features faithfully accurate bodywork and advanced sequential gearbox

Land Rover and toy maker Lego have teamed up to produce a 2573-piece scale model of the new Defender, unveiling it alongside the full-size car at the Frankfurt motor show

Described as “an automotive icon you can build at home”, the detailed Technic kit is based on the new short-wheelbase 90 variant of Land Rover’s revived 4×4, and will go on sale on 1 October. 

As with the real Defender, Lego’s variant features a working four-wheel-drive system, three differentials, fully independent suspension and a five-seat interior. 

The kit, however, is equipped with a number of features that are not standard fitment on the new Defender. A working winch, not shown at the full-sized car’s launch, is fitted to the lower front bumper, while a chunky roof rack and side-mounted ladder hint at the toy’s off-road capability. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the newly unveiled Land Rover Defender

Unlike Land Rover’s car, which will only be sold with an automatic gearbox, Lego has equipped its Defender with its ‘most sophisticated’ four-speed sequential unit yet. 

Niels Henrik Horsted, marketing director at the Danish toy firm, said: “With every Lego element, children can build anything they can imagine. I’m very excited about this new model – a truly impressive job done by our Lego Group designers.

“Together with Land Rover, we’ve blended elements, design and innovative engineering into a set that shows the boundless creativity of Lego play, and that with Lego Technic you can build for real.”

While the real Defender is available in a comprehensive range of paint schemes, the model is finished in an olive green. It measures 420mm long, 220mm high and 200mm wide.

Pricing is yet to be officially confirmed by Lego, although reports suggest it will be available from £159 in the UK.

Ahead of its launch, the new Defender underwent more than 750,000 miles of testing in some of “the most inhospitable environments” in the world. This involved hot weather testing in Africa and North America, cold-weather testing at -40deg C, altitude testing at up to 13,000 feet and performance running at the Nurburgring.

It is not yet known whether the pre-launch test programme Lego has conducted on the Technic Defender has been as extensive.

The Defender is the latest motoring icon to be rendered in Lego form, and joins the Volkswagen Beetle and Type 2, original Mini, Aston Martin DB5 and Routemaster bus in the Danish firm’s motoring-themed Technic line-up. 

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