Subaru XV e-Boxer 2019 UK review

Small-scale electrification offers minor improvements in efficiency and responsiveness, but quirky Subaru XV remains a left-field choice

This is the new Subaru XV e-Boxer and, unfortunately, there are absolutely no points up for grabs for guessing what that little ‘e’ might stand for.With practically every other manufacturer under the sun making the move towards electrification it’s not surprising that the star-spangled Japanese marque has followed suit. It might not have been as quick on the uptake, but it doesn’t exactly have the Volkswagen Group’s arsenal of resources (or its market share, for that matter) to call upon. Speaking of the Volkswagen Group, ever since Dieselgate effectively stripped the Subaru XV of its oil-burning engine, it’s a car that’s been an easy target for criticism, too. Not only were the remaining 1.6 and 2.0-litre normally-aspirated petrol boxer engines particularly asthmatic, but being paired with a CVT gearbox and Subaru’s trademark symmetrical all-wheel-drive system meant they weren’t particularly refined or economical either. Of course, the XV was – and remains – stable, secure and reasonably comfortable on the road; and is still far handier off it than the average Seat Ateca. But those aforementioned shortcomings ultimately meant it failed to cut the proverbial mustard in the context of the wider class.
Source: Autocar

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