Audi RS7 Sportback 2019 review

Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi’s first new-generation V8-powered RS model is rapid yet reserved and prefers handling precision to playfulness

In a performance car market in which supercar-fast, four-wheel-drive executive cars are now much more common than they ever used to be, Audi is about to bid to reclaim its familiar old perch.A new generation of big, luxurious, V8-engined RS models is imminent, bringing with it powertrain and suspension technology that no fast Audi has had before – and this RS7 Sportback will be part of it.Despite its particularly punchy styling and mild hybrid propulsion, however, and quite contrary to what the billing might suggest, this isn’t a car that much alters the time-honoured measured dynamic character of the big Audi bahnstormer.The RS7 is rapid without being raucous or raw; involving to a point, but almost too refined and reserved to be that exciting. It’s the modern fastback grand tourer for those who want a car that looks more special than a conventional super-saloon but that conducts itself with pace, assurance and a bit of decorum.
Source: Autocar

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