eBussy is adaptable electric van with 10 bodystyles

Electric Brands eBussy

Pick-up, cabriolet and campervan designs will be offered, built on versatile, modular electric platform

German company Electric Brands is developing a versatile fully modular electric vehicle and plans to sell it in Europe from next year.

The eBussy has a design inspired by the original Volkswagen Kombi, but its fully modular EV platform makes it significantly more adaptable. It can be transformed into 10 different bodystyles, including pick-up, cabriolet and campervan designs.

Two chassis configurations are offered: City and Off-road. Other options include three driving positions – left, central and right – that can be changed by sliding the steering wheel across the dashboard.

Since it’s intended for urban use, the eBussy’s four electric motors provide a modest 20bhp. However, it’s likely to have an impressive towing capacity, because those same motors produce 737lb ft of torque.

Power comes from a 10kWh battery. Range is claimed to be 124 miles, helped by regenerative braking and solar panels on the roof.

Electric Brands plans to sell the eBussy in Europe from 2021, with prices starting at €15,800 (£14,370). There’s no word on whether it will be offered in the UK.


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Source: Autocar

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