Opinion: Electric Lotus SUV must remain true to brand's ethos

Lotus SUV render

Hethel’s focus on lightness puts it onto a winner and gives it a valuable USP in the bloated SUV market

Lighter than its competition: that’s all a modern Lotus can be. Electric cars are heavy, SUVs are heavy and practical cars are heavy, so the idea that an electric Lotus SUV can be really true to Lotus’s super-lightweight roots simply can’t happen.

Instead, then, it will just have to be lighter and dynamically superior to the other SUVs you can buy. Many of which, let’s remind ourselves, wear the badges of other historically important sports car firms, such as BMW M, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche.

Each of those brands and more have used their badges to expand their ranges and make more money. Lotus hasn’t done that yet. And here’s the thing: the others haven’t diluted enthusiasm for their actual sports cars while doing so. A modern BMW M car, Porsche or ‘real’ AMG is as capable and raw as ever.

Manufacturers can’t live on sports cars alone any more, after all. So while Lotus admits its new SUV won’t be light like the Evora, it won’t ultimately matter.

The best Lotus for you and me? Well, that might be a two-seater with an aluminium chassis, modest power, unassisted steering and more driving thrills than any other sports car can offer. But the best Lotus for Lotus? It’s a car that lots of people want to buy. It just has to ensure enough Lotus magic is infused into it.


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Source: Autocar

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