Roewe R ER6 2020 review

Roewe R ER6 2020 first drive review - hero front

New Chinese R brand offers a value-led electric-only saloon that could serve as the basis for an upcoming MG 6 in the UK

Roewe is the China-only sibling brand of SAIC-owned MG. In fact, the UK’s new MG 5 SW EV is a rebadged Roewe. The brand has had considerable success selling electric and plug-in hybrids to fleet users but SAIC is now looking to go more upmarket with an electric-only brand badged with just an R.The car is based on the Roewe i6/ei6, which hit the market in 2017 but has been available in only petrol and PHEV forms so far. It shouldn’t be mistaken for a mid-life update because it is largely a completely new car. In fact, R claims it is based on a dedicated EV platform, but the wheelbase length and width of the ER6 are exactly the same as the i6’s.
Source: Autocar

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