Nissan Navara 2020 UK review

Nissan Navara 2020 UK first drive review - hero front

Remains one of the more habitable and sophisticated driving experiences among pickups. New trim adds some beef to the looks

Nissan’s third-generation Navara remains one of the best pickup trucks to drive, even six years into its life.There are no mechanical changes to report here, but there are visual, trim and specification alterations with the introduction of this N-Guard Double Cab variant (whose name I can’t say without a French flourish, as if I’m about to referee a fencing match. And now neither can you. Sorry.)Outside, there are four new colours to pick from, some new decals and, in the loadbay, a new spray-on bed liner, slightly soft to absorb knocks and noises, as befits one of the more civilised pick-ups on the market.
Source: Autocar

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