Opinion: MG's new EV is impressive – I just hope there's a market

MG concept

New coupe is based on MG’s Emotion concept

That the firm is bringing its electric sports coupe to production deserves a clap, but strong sales are a more precarious matter

Experience tells me that you can only trust so much of what manufacturers say when it comes to future products. Car firms will shout to the hills when a production-previewing concept lands on the scene but are less willing to talk when plans to build said concept are quietly ditched. 

Sure enough, when small-player MG revealed the sleek E-Motion electric coupe in 2017 and said they’d build it if there was enough interest, the cynic in my said “yeah, right”. After all, the two-door coupe market has been a shrinking one for some time now, and it’s only really the aspirational German premium brands that are bothering at the more mass-market end.

Consider my words gulped down with a side of fries. Not only is Chinese-run MG set to build it, but it’ll also sell it in the notoriously tough European market. We’ll even see right-hand drive versions coming to the UK. And it’ll be all-electric, unlike any other mainstream coupe. 

While we’re still missing a lot of crucial details, most notably performance, range and price, if any of MG’s recent efforts are to go by it should certainly be affordable. 

The turmoil that the car industry has faced this year and will continue to face is likely to put pay to any vanity projects (if it hasn’t already), but MG is convinced there’s a market for an electric sports coupé not from a premium brand. I hope it’s right; we need more coupés and affordable electric cars, and there’s a chance that both desires could combine here.


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Source: Autocar

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