Xpeng P7 Super Long Range Premium 2021 review

1 Xpeng P7 super long range Premium 2021 review hero front

Electric saloon developed with Porsche input has good range plus Tesla-rivalling self-driving tech

A few years back, there was no shortage of Chinese start-up companies with grand dreams of making electric cars.Today, but three – Nio, Xpeng and range-extender specialist Li – have come to symbolise the industry, largely through their success not only in sales but also on the US stock market.Although Nio is better known outside China, not least for its EP9 supercar, Guangzhou-based Xpeng is hot on its heels and already selling its G3 crossover in Norway. These companies are currently valued at $88 billion and $37bn respectively; General Motors is valued at $78bn, so there’s heavy expectation on the success of these Chinese newcomers. The P7 saloon driven here is Xpeng’s second model, and it has already been on sale in China since June with a price starting at around the equivalent of £35,000. In February, it will be upgraded with Xpeng’s Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP), a Tesla Autopilot-rivalling ‘autonomous’ driving function.
Source: Autocar

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