Revived Hummer to compete in Extreme E off-road series

GMC Hummer Extreme E

GMC Hummer Extreme E

GMC will highlight forthcoming 986bhp electric ‘super truck’ by backing team in new racing series

GMC Hummer, which will be revived this year as an electric-only premium SUV and pick-up truck brand, has signed a multi-year deal to compete in the new Extreme E off-road series.

The new 986bhp Hummer EV ‘super truck’ was revealed last year as the first machine from the General Motors brand since 2009, with, with sales due to begin in the US in 2022.

To promote the brand, GMC has agreed a multi-year deal to sponsor the Chip Ganassi Racing entry in the new Extreme E series for 550bhp off-road SUVs racing in five remote locations. 

GMC is the second major manufacturer to sign up for the championship, joining Volkswagen Group brand Cupra.

While Extreme E features a one-make spaceframe electric 4×4, teams are allowed to fit unique styling elements, including on the frontal grille area, in order to make them look like road-going vehicles. An official render shows how the Hummer entry will look, featuring a grille similar to the new EV. 

GM motorsport boss Jim Campbell said: “Both the GMC Hummer EV and the Extreme E series are designed to be revolutionary – to challenge perceptions of electric vehicles and to showcase their true capability.”

Chip Ganassi Racing is one off America’s top motorsport teams and currently competes in both Nascar and Indycar. It has already signed experienced off-road racers Kyle LeDuc and Sara Price as its Extreme E driver pairing for this year.

Competing in Extreme E, which has a heavy focus on raising environmental awareness to tackle clime change, will also allow GMC to reinforce the different between the new electric Hummer and the firm’s original line of heavy SUVs based on military vehicles.


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Source: Autocar

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