Volkswagen Golf R Estate 2022 UK review

1 VW Golf R Estate frontcorner

Enhanced practicality and handling dynamism give load-lugging Golf R a slightly different character than the last

If the VW Golf R was a fictional character rather than a fast family car, it would have to be some kind of Marvel’s Avenger. It does everything. It’s fast. It’s fun. It handles. It’s adult-four-seater practical but doddle-to-park compact. It’s got four-wheel drive usability. And yet it’s not so performance-focussed that you’d ever think twice about using it for daily driving. It’s even desirable, though a little bit understated with it. Special both on the ear and the eye if you know where to look, but capable of avoiding unwanted attention when you would prefer.Adding an estate derivative to the Golf R lineup therefore makes a lot of sense for VW, since it brings even more practicality and usability into the above equation without really detracting from any of the car’s other qualities. It’s something that VW did for the mk VI and VII Golf ranges, and has just done for the Golf mk VIII.
Source: Autocar

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