Audi A8 L 50 TDI Quattro Sport 2022 UK review

1 Audi A8 50 TDI 2022 UK review lead

More of the same from Audi flagship, good and bad. The one knockout blow comes from its incredible refinement

The range-topping Audi A8 has never achieved the cut-through that most other Audi models have.Granted, the luxury saloon sector is a fairly small space, and it’s one that’s shrinking at that; plus the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has pretty much had it sewn up since God was a boy. Still, it’s a segment in which manufacturers show off all their shiny new technology that will in time trickle down their ranges; and at this cutting edge, there’s far more than pride at stake and sales charts to top: there is influence to be had and there are reputations to be made.This revised A8 arrives with no new technology to showcase, though, which is a bit awkward given that the tech-rich new-generation S-Class is being launched in the UK at the same time and we’re just weeks away from the unveiling of the next BMW 7 Series, which will have its first all-electric variant, the BMW i7.That sounds far more pioneering than a big V6 diesel with a new front grille, some new headlights and a shuff le of the trim levels.Even so, Audi is making plenty of noise about this round of changes to the fourth-generation A8, launched in 2017. It remains the company’s flagship, after all, and is still a very comfortable and refined car to drive and to be driven in.
Source: Autocar

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