Autocar notebook: Audi ditches diesel in EV-loving Norway

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This week in the notebook, we look at Ian Callum’s new scooter and see what plans Audi has for diesel, but firstly we take a look at a reborn version of the world’s first production car designed on a computer.

Audi ditches diesel

Audi will launch its final new internal-combustion car in 2026, but it has already pulled diesel cars from sale in EV-obsessed Norway. As of this month, only petrol, plug-in hybrid and electric Audis are available to order in the country, where just 1% of Audi customers had been choosing a TDI variant, according to Dutch website Autoblog.

An undead monster

Alfa Romeo has brought back the SZ – or at least an SZ. To advertise the new FCA Heritage division’s capabilities, technicians at the Officine Classiche workshop have completely dismantled and refurbished an early example of the strikingly styled coupé that was used in early tests at Balocco and starred in the original press pictures. Alfa is offering the same treatment to SZ owners.

Curry in a hurry

Former Jaguar and Aston Martin designer Ian Callum has turned to the world of two-wheelers for his latest creation. The new Rena Max, designed for Dubai-based mobility outfit Barq by the Callum agency, is a delivery scooter with storage areas in the front, middle and rear. It has a 9bhp electric motor and gets a 93-mile range from a 5.6kWh battery that can be taken out “to avoid lengthy idle charging times”.

Source: Autocar

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