Volkswagen Taigo

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Volkswagen rides the coupe-SUV wave with sleeker version of the T-Cross

There was a period in the time in the 1990s and early 2000s when manufacturers were falling over each other to introduce quirky little coupes based on superminis. Some were pretty good, others not so much.The best exponent of that idea was probably the Ford Puma, but the Honda CRX was charming too. Vauxhall had a go with the Tigra, Renault was about 10 years too late with the Wind, and does anyone remember the Toyota Paseo?It may grate for those of us who value the compact dimensions, low centre of gravity and agile handling of two-door coupes, but the coupes of today are crossovers. The idea of combining the practicality of a small SUV and the proven mass-produced mechanicals of a supermini with a dose of extra style will sound appealing to many. It’s no wonder then, that carmaker after carmaker is introducing swoopier versions of their small crossovers. The latest entry to that growing class is the Taigo. It is to the more straight-laced Volkswagen T-Cross what the Vauxhall Mokka is to the Crossland and in a way, what the Nissan Juke is the Renault Captur. But where the Vauxhall Mokka looks radically different to its more sensible brother, VW tends to be more reserved with its styling, which begs the question whether the Taigo can sufficiently differentiate itself from the T-Cross, either in style, practicality or driving experience for buyers to take notice.
Source: Autocar

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