Greatest road tests ever: Bugatti EB110 GT

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A huge injection of cash brought Bugatti back from the dead. The EB110’s five-star Autocar verdict confirmed that it was money well spent

TESTED 16.3.94

Some of the world’s most talented automotive designers and engineers produced the long-awaited EB110 GT. At its heart was a very flexible quad-turbo 60-valve 3.5-litre V12, delivering 553bhp via six slick manual gears and four-wheel drive. The EB110’s carbonfibre chassis was suspended by all-round double wishbones.

Capable of 30-70mph in 3.3sec, the EB110 was beaten for overall pace by only the 110kg-lighter Jaguar XJ220. It meted out its performance with more composure than the Jag, though, and emitted a Ferrari-rivalling scream, yet managed 21.6mpg on our touring route.

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The XJ220 edged the Bugatti for grip and steering feel, but the EB110 was far more agile. The Bugatti cornered beautifully, with minimal roll, yet the ride was peerless among supercars. The brakes were also superb.

The cabin was functional rather than opulent. It fitted average-sized drivers well but could barely house six-footers, and luggage space was confined to a 77-litre bin behind the seats.

For Performance, sound, agility and ride

Against Functional interior, cabin space


Price £285,500 Engine V12, 3500cc, quad-turbo, petrol Power 553bhp at 8000rpm Torque 451lb ft at 3750rpm 0-60mph 4.5sec 0-100mph 9.6sec Standing quarter mile 12.8sec at 115mph Top speed 182mph (claimed) Economy 18.8mpg

What happened next?

The EB110 suffered at the hands of the all-conquering McLaren F1 that soon followed. After the lighter, 603bhp EB110 Super Sport, Bugatti folded, since its owner, Romano Artioli, had overstretched in buying Lotus, too. Some part-built EB110s were bought, modified and resold by Dauer. Bugatti was bought by Volkswagen in 1998 and the Veyron was launched in 2005.

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Source: Autocar

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