Autocar notebook: Fiat's first EV, the joy of not driving and more

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We round up some of the news you might have missed over the past week

A polished act

We scooped Fiat’s radical electric future last month, but it turns out Fiat EVs have existed for decades. The Polish National Museum of Technology has acquired a Polish-built Fiat 125p that was electrified at the Warsaw Electrotechnical Institute in 1977.

Its range is just 62 miles and its top speed 50mph, but that’s impressive when you consider that it has eight 40kg batteries in its boot. 

Gemera gets going

Do you have a spare three minutes and 42 seconds? Koenigsegg has published a video of the boss himself, Christian von Koenigsegg, firing up and driving the first completed prototype of the Gemera, a mega-GT due in 2023 with 1700bhp from a 2.0-litre twin-turbo triple and three EV motors.

We’ve yet to verify its 250mph top speed, 1.9sec 0-62mph time or 31-mile EV range, but we do now know this: it doesn’t sound like the Ford Puma.

For the non-drivers

A self-driving Lotus would seem to jar with the firm’s ‘for the drivers’ mantra, but attributes boss Gavan Kershaw said that while the new Eletre SUV offers level-four autonomy, it doesn’t cede driver engagement: “There are days when you want to drive the car and days when you want your commute assisted. We see it more as a commute assist.”

Source: Autocar

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