Moustache Samedi 28.7 electric bike review

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The pinnacle of the Samedi range, the Samedi 28.7 is an excellent all-rounder that does not disappoint

Move Electric rating: four stars out of five

What does it cost?£3899

What is it?The big, more expensive sibling of the Samedi 28.3, the Moustache Samedi 28.7 is a top of the line high-quality electric bike designed for urban and further afield riding. 

What is it like?  While the frame on the 28.7 model is obviously not the step-through version of the 28.7, the only difference between the varying models in this range is the level of equipment – and, ultimately, the price. 

At £3899, it’s a reasonable investment for someone who might just want something to get from A to B on without using their car. Alternatively, this extra leap of just over £3k from the 28.3 model gets you an 11-speed drivetrain, a top of the line Bosch mid-drive motor, and a new Bosch Nyon display to name a few. 

Whether you are particularly bothered by all this is entirely personal, but for a slightly more affordable foray into the world of electric cycling, I highly suggest you look at our impressions of the Samedi 28.3. 

Now for those of us who like to have the latest gadgets and the best in performance, the Samedi 28.7 is here for a little indulging. Let’s start with the biggest upgrade – the motor. As with all Samedi 28s, Bosch is the manufacturer of choice for their motor and battery systems. 

The 28.7 features the Performance Line mid-drive motor, which produces a maximum of 65N m of torque. I found it to be excellent and worked well with the overall balance of the bike. The low centre of gravity helps to keep the bike planted in corners and provides a stable ride on the road. There are five assist modes, Off, Eco, Tour, Sport, and my favourite – Turbo. There is also a handy walk-assist mode which can help if you’re walking the bike up a hill, for example. 

A PowerTube 625 Wh adorns the Samedi 28.7, offering plenty of range, but the real show starts with the Bosch Nyon display. My test bike came with the Bosch Kion display, which is equally as good but uses a control pad. However, new models will come equipped with the Nyon so it would be remiss of me to ignore it. 

Unlike other displays that are literally just that, the Nyon is an onboard cycling computer. From navigation to theft deterrents, to heart rate tracking and battery level indicators, it has all the connectivity you could dream of for your e-bike. From here you can also control the built-in lights, Spanninga Axendo 80 lux. Other accessories include a rear MIK compatible rack, perfect for thief deterring pannier bags, and specially designed mudguards. 

In terms of componentry, the 28.7 uses the same suspension as the 28.3, namely the Suntour NEX-E25 forks with 63mm travel and 40mm seatpost. The changes come from the drivetrain, which moves on from twist and shift gears to a Shimano Deore 11-speed drivetrain. The 11-42T cassette and 40T chainring provide plenty of options for hilly terrain without spinning out, while the hydraulic MT200 disc brakes are great for all year-round riding. 

As with the other bikes in the Samedi range, the 28.7 comes with very distinctive M shaped handlebars. Ergonomic in design and interesting to look at, they were comfortable and offered a convenient riding position. Whether I’d ride for long distances on this bike is another matter, but for the quick ride to the shops, to work or along the canal, it’s a great prospect.

Utility and leisure combine with this bike, with the carrying capabilities making it appealing to those of us who do the food shop by bike or ride to work with ease. At the top of the range, this is the best Samedi 28 money can buy, and if you desire all the components that go with the price tag, then it’s a great purchase. In the end, the bike you want, and the one you look at and feel excited to ride is the one you will end up using. So even if you don’t need all the shiny gears and expensive displays, if there is something you like about it and can afford the investment, then that can only be a good thing. 

Where can I buy it?From Fully Charged. They have showrooms across the south of England, like Silverstone, where I tested the bike.

How does it arrive?Largely assembled, simply adjust the handlebars and attach the pedals to get yourself rolling. 

VerdictAn excellent all-rounder with plenty of kit to brag about, if you are looking for top-quality riding whether as a commuter or leisure rider, then it may well be worth the investment. 

Moustache Samedi 28.7


Frame size tested47cm

Weight of bike26.6kg

GroupsetShimano Deore 11-speed

Wheels/tyres700c wheelsSchwalbe Big Apple 700x50c tyres

MotorBosch Performance Line Plus

BatteryBosch PowerTube 625

Mileage range40-80 miles

Assistance levelsFive

Charge time4.5 hours

Included extrasMudguardsLightsRear rack – MIK compatibleBellBosch Kiox displayKickstand


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