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Watch the free webinar on 17 May as we’re joined by senior executives from the industry

As online selling and the influence of the internet arrives to disrupt car purchasing techniques and methods, it poses a new challenge for car manufacturers and retailers, especially the luxurious ones: how to get across your premium brand values in a digital space.

We will be asking questions covering everything from the technical side of website design to how marketing techniques and branding can give a website a sense of luxury.

High-end furnishings are easy to imagine in a physical showroom, but what tricks does a manufacturer or retailer use to inject the digital equivalent into its online presence?

Join us for our latest Autocar Business webinar as we look at the implications of this latest change to the automotive industry.

Our first guest is Darren Jobling. He has lengthy experience in the industry, initially creating racing computer games before launching Zerolight in 2014 – a company that specialises in creating the digital platforms that car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Audi use to sell their cars.

Our second guest is Brett Ward, who leads the digital strategy for upmarket retail group HR Owen across all its brands, from Aston Martin to Rimac.

The free webinar delving into all this and more takes place on 17 May at 1100-1200. You can sign up to watch via the Autocar Business webinar homepage. The webinar will be hosted by Autocar editor Mark Tisshaw.

Audience members will also be able to submit questions during the event, which will be addressed during the webinar, time-permitting.

Autocar Business is our industry-focused brand, which provides news and insight into the business of the automotive world.

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