Ford Fiesta ST 5-door 2022 UK review

001 ford fiesta st front cornering 2022

Invites exuberance like little else at this price point and does so without overly compromising its everyday billing

At the back end of last year, fast Ford fan clubs across the country cracked out the caterpillar cakes to mark the 40th anniversary of a car that is arguably the very embodiment of the phrase ‘cult hero’: the Fiesta XR2. At around the same time, Ford revealed an updated version of that pepper-potted delinquent’s modern-day descendant, the Ford Fiesta ST, which is an automotive rarity in arguably matching its hallowed forebear for both enthusiast appeal and critical acclaim, helping to appease the bluest-blooded fast Ford fans, who are no doubt still raging about the mainstream rebirth of the Mustang and Puma nameplates. A more aggressive front end treatment, upgraded driver aid package and digital gauge cluster are the defining differentiators from the pre-facelift ST, but you’ll also have clocked the new Mean Green paint option (Snot Rocket must already have been trademarked). Arguably more significant is what’s no longer offered: the three-door version, which has bitten the dust in line with Ford’s ploy to streamline its line-up and clear order backlogs as it prepares to go all-electric. The standard car now exclusively has four entrances and exits as well, which – aside from whether you think the proportions and usability have been enhanced – does rather bring into question the supermini’s ongoing viability, particularly when the larger (and thus now more popular) Ford Puma can be had for roughly the same money – including as a souped-up ST. 
Source: Autocar

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