Opinion: Size won't be an issue for new Land Rover Defender 130

85 land rover defender 130 side profile off road

Extended length will bring new challenges, but will solve some problems too

The first time I parked ‘my’ new Land Rover Defender 90 at home, I backed it gently into our garage door, the already vast length super-sized by the spare wheel extension. I’m reminded of this every day, because there’s a round, black mark on the once pristine white door.

Even so, I’d occasionally dream of the four-door practicality of the Land Rover Defender 110, but it took just one glance at an owner of the larger car trying to navigate their way around outer London for me to have a quiet word with myself and think of the hurdles that ownership of such a vehicle would bring.

So you might imagine I would baulk at the suggestion of an even bigger Land Rover Defender 130 hitting our roads? Actually, no.

Because when I sit back and reflect on my time with the 90, one of the standouts was just how easy it was to live with. Yes, it took some getting used to, but within hours, the commanding seating position, the supreme visibility – forwards, at least – and the squared-off corners meant that placing it where you wanted it was a doddle. From the school run to country roads, it became second nature to thread along.

Yes, even greater dimensions bring new challenges, but I reckon the design will provide enough answers.

Source: Autocar

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