Autocar notebook: How Mercedes-Benz is bucking its own trend

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The new GLC is bucking Mercedes-Benz’s own trend of slashing model options

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This week, we look at the how the car world celebrated the Platinum Jubilee, and tell you why the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is an exception to the rule.

Keep on trimming

Mercedes-Benz has been on a warpath since 2020, cutting down on variants, platforms, powertrains and components and soon even entry-level models. So why is the new GLC offered with the choice of two bodystyles, two petrol engines, a diesel engine, three PHEV set-ups and a plethora of optional extras?

“The GLC SUV is our best-selling model in this segment, so there are no plans to streamline the offering,” said GLC manager Axel Benseler, confirming that Mercedes-AMG variants are also due and even that “more powertrains are coming next year”. Meanwhile, the lesser-spotted Mercedes-Benz B-Class is down to just two engines and two trim levels.

Ma’am’s the word

It’s amazing what cars with over-the-air functionality can do. Spot hazards, tell you where the nearest charger is and… show you a cartoon for the Platinum Jubilee. Last weekend, every BMW in the UK fitted with the seventh- or eighth-generation iDrive system showed its driver a short animation showcasing the “spirit of the celebrations taking place across the country” on start-up.

Cartoons not your thing? Not to worry: Land Rover gifted the Red Cross a specially adapted Land Rover Defender 130 in the Queen’s name, LEVC revealed a trio of dazzling platinum-wrapped taxis, a one-off McLaren Artura was revealed in a unique shade of silver with Elizabeth II badging, and Range Rover restorer Kingsley adopted a new name for the weekend. Bet you can’t guess what it was.

Source: Autocar

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