Human Horizons reveals electric grand tourer with robotic arm

HiPhi render front main hero dynamic

The electric four-door grand tourer is said to be capable of 438 miles on one charge

Second model from Chinese EV maker follows the HiPhi X SUV, which went on sale in China last year

Chinese EV maker Human Horizons has revealed an electric four-door grand tourer equipped with a futuristic interior and intelligent technology.

Named the HiPhi Z, it’s the company’s second production car, following the HiPhi X SUV, which went on sale in China last year. 

The HiPhi Z is powered by a 120kWh battery pack, giving it a claimed range of around 705km (438 miles). HiPhi said the saloon is capable of achieving 0-62mph in 3.8sec but didn’t share a top speed figure. 

Under the skin, the HiPhi Z makes use of aluminium double-wishbone air suspension at the front and a five-link system at the rear. It also features rear-wheel steering and an advanced dynamic vehicle-control system. 

Human Horizons claimed the HiPhi Z’s steering set-up gives it a turning circle similar to that of the Mini hatchback, despite measuring more than 5036mm long, 2018mm wide and 1439mm high.  

Its exterior features a wrap-around light curtain and intelligent doors that are able to detect keyfobs, other vehicles and people.

It also benefits from a rear spoiler to adjust levels of drag and lift, which Human Horizons says improves performance. 

Inside, the HiPhi Z makes use of an “ultra-futuristic, spaceship-like digital set-up” with a modern artificial intelligence (AI) system called HiPhi Bot, capable of adjusting the conditions for occupants. 

The system is also equipped with a high-speed robotic arm, which is said to feature a control accuracy of up to 0.001mm and be able to “perform a variety of delicate movements with barely a noise”. 

Other kit includes ambient lighting, a 23-speaker audio system from Meridian, bucket racing seats and an advanced driver-assistance system that has been developed in-house. 

The system is capable of braking, steering, accelerating and more advanced manoeuvres, including parking and remote summoning. It makes use of a combination of 34 sensors around the car and lidar technology to scan the surrounding area. 

Human Horizons has priced the HiPhi Z from $89,000 to $129,000 (£73,4580 to £106,474), but it’s unlikely that we will see it come to the UK any time soon. 

The car will make its public debut in Shenzhen, China, on 6 July before making an appearance in 11 major cities. Its on-sale date will be announced at the Chengdu motor show in August. 

Source: Autocar

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