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Donington motorsport 1936

The Junior Car Club’s 200 Mile race went on hiatus between 1928 and 1936

Dynamic duo wow Donington crowd in summer scorcher

The Junior Car Club held its 200 Mile race annually at Brooklands throughout the 1920s, the last edition coming in 1928 as manufacturers’ interest switched from grand prix to sports car racing.

Remarkably, when the race was reprised at Donington Park in 1936, Richard Seaman drove the winning Delage of 1928 to victory again – all the more impressive given the removal of the capacity limit. 

Seaman completed the first lap in third, behind Peter Whitehead and Dennis Scribbans, but he passed both ERAs on the next lap to take the lead and built up a healthy advantage, typically driving in an outwardly effortless manner.

He had a scare 20 minutes in, narrowly avoiding being hit by an errant wheel, Austin Dobson doing well to stop his now tripod Alfa Romeo from about 100mph.

Not long later, on the 10th lap, Earl Howe passed not just Prince Bira but also Seaman. However, the Delage had a tank big enough not to need refuelling, whereas the ERA needed to stop for 38 seconds on lap 50.

“Howe drove with might and main, but Seaman’s lead was not to be shaken. He duly notched his fifth big victory of the year – and both he and Howe received great applause for their splendid display.”

Source: Autocar

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