Is the Avenger Jeep's gateway into Europe?

Jeep Avenger front

Jeep’s plan for four electric SUVs by 2025 could be what it needs to become a hit on the continent

Jeep has long tried to make in-roads into Europe but despite being a familiar, much-loved US brand, that hasn’t instantly translated to sales success here.

Traditionally, quality stemming from a US-centric approach (ie lower quality than Europeans expect) hasn’t helped, and naturally you must also be in the most relevant segments with the relevant powertrains to be in with a shot.

While Jeep by its very nature has been on the front foot with the SUV trend, it hasn’t been quick off the mark with electrification, which probably hasn’t helped its cause.

Anyway, now it’s owned by mega car firm Stellantis, famous for its cost-cutting and profit-making, and all the benefits of sharing platforms and technology, which plays perfectly to quicker electrification.

Add in the new Jeep Avenger (what a great name, eh?), which being mini, SUV and electric could be the car to catapult Jeep into the stratosphere it so desires.

I’d bet it will always be a left-field brand this side of the pond, but with the backing of Stellantis and this drive of new electrified model launches, this is Jeep’s best chance yet to conquer more than America.

Source: Autocar

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