Volkswagen GTI and R names to continue but GTX uncertain

Volkswagen Golf GTI mk8 front three quarter

VW boss says brand “might not need” new GTX performance badge – but GTI and R will persist

The GTI and R badges will live on for Volkswagen in the electric era, boss Thomas Schäfer has confirmed, but GTX might not. 

To date, Volkswagen has used a new GTX badge for four-wheel-drive performance versions of its electric cars, on the Volkswagen ID 4 GTX and the Volkswagen ID 5 GTX.

However, Schäfer said that it would be “crazy to let them die and slip away”, in reference to the future of the GTI and Volkswagen Golf names in the electric era.

Schafer hinted that the GTX badge wouldn’t be one used by the brand long-term, with GTI and R remaining the performance badges in the range.

“GTX as an idea is en route for EVs,” he said. “If in the future we’ll need it, we’ll see. We might not need it. But GTI and R, yes.

“With a strong brand, you need to spend less getting it out there.”

On GTI, Schäfer said: “GTI with Golf was always legendary. We will carry on. We need substance to it, with performance. We’re working on a performance model with EV to carry GTI forward.”

On R, he said it would remain for all-paw performance flagships. This suggests that GTI could be used for two-wheel-drive performance EVs and R for four-wheel drive ones.

Neither GTI nor R has yet been used on an electric car.

Source: Autocar

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