Praga to reveal radical road-going hypercar this week

Praga Teaser 2

Praga will reveal its new car on 23 November

Czech motorsport firm to apply race-bred aero and weight-saving skills to KTM X-Bow rival

Czech engineering company Praga has previewed its new lightweight, carbonfibre-clad, petrol-powered hypercar, which will be its first road-legal offering since the limited-run R1R of 2015. 

As well as being historically famous for making heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles, tractors, boats, aeroplanes, tanks and karts, Praga has cemented itself as a leading global motorsport outfit in recent years. Its new hypercar model will “deliver extreme performance for enthusiast drivers”, the firm has said. 

The road-going car, which will be powered by a combustion engine, will launch this week and be sold alongside the aero-focused, lightweight R1 single-seat racer – and a fresh teaser video hints at a similar focus on slashing lap times.

Visible details include a cockpit-style design, wide-set, enclosed wheels, a dual titanium exhaust and Alcon brakes. Intriguingly, the car appears to do without the racer’s colossal rear wing. 

As part of the teaser, Praga said: “And you thought we just made race cars…”

Power figures have not yet been disclosed, nor have any of the model’s technical specs, but all will be detailed when the new model is fully unveiled on Wednesday, ahead of production beginning in 2023 – the firm’s 116th year. Its track-only, 643kg R1 sibling has 365bhp and 291lb ft from a mid-mounted four-cylinder engine. 

The latest Praga will no doubt be built in extremely limited numbers and have a price that aligns it with the most fearsome track specials on sale today, such as the upcoming McMurtry Spéirling fan car, which, its maker said, will command a “seven-figure” price.

Source: Autocar

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