De Tomaso P900 is light 888bhp hypercar powered by 'clean' V12

De Tomaso P900 front lead

Priced from £2.48 million and limited to just 18 units, the P900 uses synthetic fuel

Italian car maker De Tomaso has revealed the P900 – a track-only, £2.5million, limited-run hypercar, powered by a bespoke V12 that revs all the way to 12,300rpm.

Priced from £2.48 million and limited to just 18 examples, the P900 packs 888bhp in a package weighing just 900kg, thanks to a lightweight carbon tub, and with an exterior designed to boost aerodynamic performance. 

The two-seater’s V12 engine does not feature any electrification technology but is entirely new and can be run solely on synthetic fuel. De Tomaso said it is “in essence, the world’s first carbon-neutral V12”. 

The company also called the engine the lightest and shortest V12 ever, weighing 220kg. De Tomaso added it would aim to “set the standard” for car makers that are hoping to extend the life of internal combustion engines. 

“As a passionate automotive enthusiast, it is difficult for me to accept a silent EV-driven future,” said Norman Choi, De Tomaso CEO. “We believe that alternatives do exist, and the development of our new platform, driven by synthetic fuels, is our solution for keeping this shared passion for the theatre of combustion engines alive. 

“This venture into synthetic fuels represents our commitment to the pursuit of a zero-emissions mobility future without sacrificing the crucial element which we all hold so dear – the soul and symphony of an engine.” 

Much of the radical-looking car, which was created to pay homage to the Carroll Shelby-designed P70 and “tackle lap times”, has been designed in-house and adapted from the De Tomaso P72, including the 6.2-litre powertrain. 

Several of the P900’s other technologies are derived from motorsport, including an active DRS system incorporated into the rear wing. 

Other aspects, including much of the P900’s carbonfibre engineering, were designed by Capricorn, which helped to deliver the Porsche 919 Evo Le Mans racer, and is vastly experienced in the world of Formula 1

De Tomaso said there are still cars available to buy and it will disclose performance figures to owners only for the time being. 

The model will make its debut in the spring at an as yet unnamed automotive event, but the development of the engine will continue into 2024. If customers want their car earlier, it will instead be fitted and delivered with a V10 engine derived from F1. 

Owners can also be tutored by De Tomaso in racing and the firm will supply a full team of mechanics and engineers to set the car up on a track day. 

Source: Autocar

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