Report: Ferrari Purosangue order books close at two-year wait

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“You can now have a Ferrari with a family,” said Ferrari marketing boss Enrico Galliera

Interest in the V12-powered four-seater “exploded” because of its powertrain

Order books for the Ferrari Purosangue are already closed, a report has claimed.

Australian publication Drive reported that Ferrari has temporarily stopped taking orders because the SUV has accrued a two-year waiting list for non-existing customers. 

Ferrari marketing and commercial chief Enrico Galliera told Drive “it’s no secret that we stopped taking orders”.

Autocar contacted Ferrari for clarification, but the manufacturer declined to comment.

Autocar previously reported that the manufacturer was limiting the Purosangue to 20% of its annual orders. It’s on track to sell a total of 12,000 cars this year – having shipped 9894 units in the nine months to 30 September 2022 – so is expected to produce around 2500 units of the SUV annually.

Galliera told Autocar in September that interest in the £313,120 SUV “exploded” once the brand announced it was powered by a V12 engine, incurring “a long list of requests coming from non-existing customers as well as current customers”.

Galliera added that the brand “was not expecting early cars to be delivered to non-existing customers”, prioritising current customers for early cars.

The first UK deliveries are expected to begin next summer, a few months after those for left-hand-drive cars.

The four-seat Purosangue is positioned to complete Ferrari’s line-up. “You can now have a Ferrari with a family,” said Galliera.

It’s the latest entry in the super-SUV segment, following the Porsche Cayenne (which practically launched the class some 20 years ago), Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX.

Those rivals have largely been huge commercial hits for their respective manufacturers. The Urus, for example, is already Lamborghini’s most-produced car of all time and accounted for 61% of the company’s record-setting 5090 worldwide deliveries during the first half of 2022. The Cayenne – in conjunction with the smaller Boxster – is often credited with saving Porsche from fading into mediocrity at the turn of the millennium.

Source: Autocar

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