Tesla offers 6000 miles of free charging to drive year-end sales

Tesla supercharer

The offer applies to drivers in the UK who take delivery of new Tesla electric cars between 15-31 December

Tesla is offering 6000 miles of free charging on its Supercharger network for those in the UK who take delivery of new cars between 15-31 December in what looks like a drive to boost registrations before 2022 ends.

Customers who fall within the window were told by email that “As a thank you for taking delivery this year, you will receive 6000 miles free Supercharging.”

Members of one Tesla Model Y owners’ group on Facebook calculated that the gift was worth about £800 based on current Supercharger rates.

Tesla has been accelerating sales of its Model Y SUV and Tesla Model 3 saloon in the UK recent months. The Model Y was the second best-selling car in the country for the month of November, according to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The Model 3 was the second-best selling EV for the month, after its stablemate.

The American company has begun discounted its cars in China to boost sales there, and there are signs that it will do the same here as it looks to maintain its momentum.

For example, Tesla currently lists 158 Model Ys on its UK website with discounts of up to £5000 on cars with mostly no more than delivery miles. The Model Y starts at £51,990, this for the standard-range Rear-Wheel Drive model.

Tesla customers aren’t suffering the long waits for deliveries that have plagued other car makers in recent month. Buyers will take delivery of the Model Y RWD, Model 3 RWD and Model Y Performance in just 2-4 weeks, according to the Tesla GB website.

The speedy delivery suggests that Tesla isn’t constrained by supply-chain issues. However, it also might mean it’s in danger of suffering overcapacity in its plant in Shanghai, China, the source of UK-bound Model 3s and Model Ys; and as it ramps up its new facility in Berlin, Germany, which currently builds left-hand-drive Model Ys.

Tesla ended the perk of free unlimited Supercharging as it rolled out the cheaper Model 3 but periodically revives the offer limited free charging as a customer incentive, particularly at the end of the year when it looks to increase registrations ahead of the new financial year.

Source: Autocar

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