Bugatti Chiron Profilee is one-off, less extreme Pur Sport

Bugatti Chiron Profilee side

The Bugatti Chrion Profilée has been created as a less extreme version of the Pur Sport

French firm’s latest hypercar, one of the last to be fitted with its iconic W16 engine, will be auctioned off in February

A one-off Bugatti Chiron, created as a less radical interpretation of the extreme Pur Sport and equipped with a fixed rear wing, will be auctioned off to raise money for charity.

Called the Chiron Profilée, it will be one of the final cars to house the French brand’s iconic W16 engine. The recently revealed Bugatti Mistral roadster will be the very last production model to use the near-1500bhp powerplant.

The new bespoke coupé, which can shift from standing to 62mph in just 2.3sec, was originally created as an experiment to see if aspects of the hardcore Pur Spot could be integrated into a Bugatti that was more comfort-focused after customers demanded that one be made.

“We knew that what we had created was too beautiful to be hidden away,” said Bugatti president Christophe Piochon, going on to call it “a true Bugatti and a unique piece of collectible automotive history”.

The Profilée (of which one example will be made due to all Chiron build slots already accounted for) incorporates a number of aspects from the Pur Sport, such as shorter gear ratios for faster acceleration, a tweaked chassis (change in the camber angles of both the front and rear wheels) and harder springs for better cornering and handling over the Chiron Sport.

However, it also comes with a host of unique features, including a 6ft-wide fixed rear wing that’s used to add rear downforce and to suck hot air out of the engine bay.

Inside, the car is the first Bugatti to get a woven-leather finish, which is applied to the dashboard, door panels and centre console. The Argent Atlantique paintwork (which is also found inside the car) is exclusive to the Profilée. The lower part of the car is finished in carbonfibre.

The one-off will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s on 1 February, with an undisclosed portion of the proceeds going to charities. It’s expected to be bought for a price close to or more than £8 million.

Source: Autocar

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