Opinion: Slow-charging batteries could be electric sports cars' answer

maserati mc20 ev Foglore front three quarter

Attitudes about EVs need to change, says Maserati’s head of e-mobility

Engineering-out weight is costly and takes time, but this is fixed with slower AC chargers, says Maserati

Maserati’s global head of e-mobility, Ana Paola Reginatto, is as focused on what might be happening in 10 years’ time as next year. 

She told us: “On average, we expect 60% of our customers for our electric cars to be completely new to Maserati. We’re opening up new opportunities, and we have to be flexible about ensuring that they understand the brand and that the cars deliver on the brand values that our heritage demands.” 

One area of key focus is on how fast people really need their EVs to charge. Reginatto marvelled at the contradiction of cars spending 60-70% of their time stationary and the desire to always charge them as fast as possible. It would be much better, she reasoned, to have more slower AC chargers available and enjoy the weight and cost savings. 

“Think of the weight of an on-board charger – 40kg! We spend millions trying to engineer 40kg out of a car, so if we can shift attitudes towards slower charging, there are huge potential benefits,” she said. “But we aren’t there yet, and that’s why we have to be flexible but ready.”

Source: Autocar

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