Polaris RZR vs Segway Villain video review

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Are buggies as good on the road as they are off of it?

The future of small sports cars is in doubt.

On top of them getting more expensive, they’re also becoming harder to buy as emissions and safety regulations make them harder to produce.

So, why not buy a buggy? On the face of it, they’re everything a sports car should be – small, light, and potentially a lot of fun. Plus, there’s the added off-road ability – you wouldn’t want to take a Toyota GR86 down a rocky track, but with these buggies the world is your oyster.

We’ve brought together two of our favourites – the Polaris RZR and the Segway Villain – to see if they’re a viable alternative to the modern sports car.

Join Matt Prior as he heads to deepest darkest Wales to find out.


Source: Autocar

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