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Honda’s super-hatch vs its fiercest rivals, Porsche’s most powerful 911 ever revealed and Dacia’s bargain of 2025

There’s a big match-up in this week’s edition of Autocar as we pit the Honda Civic Type R against each of its rivals. We also reveal the first ever hybridised Porsche 911 and uncover 2025’s biggest bargain. 


Porsche is laying the foundations for the electrification of the 911 with the launch of a 700bhp 911 GT2 RS hybrid – a model that will become the fastest, most powerful 911 ever. Meanwhile, good news from Romania as Dacia plots an ambitious model expansion with the introduction of its C-segment SUV: the Bigster. Last but not least, the UK is destined for a nation-wide hydrogen refuelling network thanks to a start up called Element 2. What should we expect? 


Richard Lane is in Bedfordshire testing AC Schnitzer ACS2 40i – a BMW M240i reworked by the German tuning experts to make it less tourer, more sportster. Has it worked?

Illya Verpraet tests a base version of the facelifted Volvo XC40 to find out if this down-to-earth variant is all foam and no beer.

For road test 5612, we’re testing the Nissan X-Trail E-4orce. With its clever hybrid system, has it become too complicated for its own good?


We call the Honda Civic Type R’s bluff as Richard Lane tests it against three of its fiercest rivals – the Audi RS3, Volkswagen Golf R and Hyundai i30N. Following a relatively simple formula in comparison to its hardcore, monster-quick rivals, it appears as though it’s on the backfoot. Find out what happens in our bumper 10-page test.

Meanwhile, Matt Prior and James Disdale take a look at different elements of bygone M cars and wonder which should be salvaged to create the ultimate M car. 


Matt Prior takes a look at the micro exemptions from the EU’s 2035 ICE ban and wonders which companies will make the cut, before reflecting on his time driving two off-road buggies and wondering what it is that makes them so enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Steve Cropley looks at the design of the Genesis GV60 and why it reminds him of Giorgio Giugiaro’s best creations, before pondering the mysteriousness of Formula 1 powertrains. 


Oliver Young looks at the sporting, sharply-designed Cupra Formentor in this week’s nearly new buying guide. Do its head-turning looks match up with its sensibility as a nearly-new purchase?

Mark Pearson checks out a real cult in this week’s used guide – the Bristol Fighter. V10 grunt, 1600kg weight and a drag coefficient of 0.28. What’s not to like?

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