Britain's best cheap cars – Dacia vs Hyundai vs MG vs Kia

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What will come out on top in this battle of the low-cost legends?

It’s hard to buy a cheap new car these days, isn’t it?

In a time of £40,000 Vauxhall Astras and £50,000 Mini Convertibles, you can count the number of new cars on sale for less than £15,000 on your own two hands.

However, although there aren’t many around, it’s still possible to bag yourself something that’s both cheap and cheerful. We’ve gathered four of our favourites – the MG 3, the Dacia Sandero, the Kia Picanto and the Hyundai i10 – with the aim of finding the best affordable car in Britain.

Join Matt Prior and James Disdale as they take a relaxed look at these low-budget legends.

Source: Autocar

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