New Gordon Murray T33 Spider to be revealed on 4 April

Gordon Murray Automotive T33 Spider sketch 2023

Gordon Murray Automotive will build 100 examples of the Spider, the same number as the coupé

Supercar loses its roof and gains just 18kg; keeps 609bhp 3.9-litre V12 engine

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has announced it will build a convertible version of the T33 supercar, which will be revealed on 4 April.

An official concept sketch reveals that the T33 Spider retains the coupé’s 609bhp 3.9-litre V12, which is an adapted version of the Cosworth-designed powerplant used in the T50 hypercar

The Spider is expected to be offered with the manual and paddle-shift gearboxes from the T33 coupé – both six-speed units.

The roof-mounted duct present on the coupé remains situated above the cockpit, with the sketch suggesting that the windscreen has been angled to prioritise airflow through the tunnel and into the engine.

The aerodynamics appear otherwise unchanged, maintaining the coupé’s active rear spoiler and with a focus the underbody’s role.

Despite losing its fixed roof – a change that necessitates heavy chassis reinforcements when converting most hard-top cars – the T33 Spider weighs a sprightly 1108kg, just 18kg more than the coupé (pictured below).

Murray has already confirmed that just 100 examples of each of the three T33 variants will be built. The Spider is number two and a track-focused car is expected to follow. 

Pricing has not been announced but a premium over the £1.37 million coupé is expected. Given that all 100 coupés sold out within a week of the model’s reveal, all Spiders are expected to be spoken for shortly after its unveiling.

Murray said: “From the outset of the T33 programme, I always intended there to be a Spider. In fact, I sketched the Spider before the coupé to ensure the proportions worked. And from that first sketch I knew, with its open cockpit and the incredible Cosworth GMA 2 V12 engine right behind you, the T33 Spider would deliver a truly involving driving experience that’s quite unlike anything else.”

Although there are few natural rivals for the T33 Spider, buyers may also consider the likes of the Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster – an American-built supercar powered by an 1817bhp twin-turbocharged V8, with a claimed top speed above 300mph.

Source: Autocar

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