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This week in Autocar magazine…

Volkswagen’s plan for the future ID range, new BMW M2 road tested and a fitting farewell to the Audi TT

This week in Autocar magazine, we’ve got the lowdown on three crucial electric cars that will change Volkswagen’s EV strategy, drive the new BMW M2, and visit the Isle of Wight to bid a sad farewell to the Audi TT. 


Volkswagen is preparing to launch three electric SUVs that will fall under its revised ID model strategy and provide a larger spread of EVs for the firm’s future – we have all you need to know on each car. 

Lamborghini, meanwhile, just unveiled its next poster child – the Revuelto. Picking up where the now-defunct Aventador left off, it’s a 1000bhp V12 hybrid with a 9,500rpm redline. The Gordon Murray T33 Spider is unveiled as a targa variant of the 607bhp V12 coupé we know and love – so what’s in store for the drop-top?


It’s arguably one of the biggest cars to be launched so far and it comes as a 454bhp, straight-six M coupé with a manual gearbox – the BMW M2. We head to Arizona to find out if M’s new baby can live up to its magnificent predecessor.

Meanwhile, Greg Kable is in Arizona testing the Volkswagen ID 7. The German giant’s electric saloon is out to try and beat Tesla and Hyundai with a long-range, tech-heavy, £50,000 blow to the chest. Can it work?

For road test 5618, we’ve got the £26,995 MG 4 to find out if it’s a good car for the money, or a good car in its own right.  


Matt Prior bids farewell to the Audi TT by taking it for a drive around the Isle of Wight’s proposed TT Road Races course. What might we be missing out on as Audi’s 25-year-old sports car bites the dust?

We’re also off to Bentley’s headquarters to interview its CEO Adrian Hallmark. Having steered the company to unprecedented success, he admits the firm is now chasing even loftier goals. 


Matt Prior becomes angered by government legislation failing to take into account niche British car makers with its recent development in emissions regulations. 

Steve Cropley is amazed at just how good supposedly ‘bad’ cars are these days, and wonders whether we should actually be grateful for roadworks. 


Oliver Young takes a look at the iconic Audi RS2 to find out if the pioneer for Audi’s long-running Rennsport cars can cut it as a used purchase.

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