Munro Mk1 pick-up is open-bed variant of 375bhp electric 4×4

Munro Mk1 Pickup 2023 front quarter static

The Munro Mk1 pick-up dispatches 0-60mph in 4.9sec in Performance trim

Scottish start-up adds versatile second model with 1050kg payload to its commercial vehicle line-up

Scottish EV start-up Munro has unveiled a pick-up variant of its Mk1 commercial 4×4, giving heavy industries a zero-emission alternative to combustion-engined pick-ups such as the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

Its capabilities broadly mirror those of the regular Mk1, with the pick-up able to house a Euro-size pallet, carry 1050kg and tow up to 3500kg in Performance specification.

The range-topping variant features a single electric motor that sends 375bhp and 516lb ft through a two-speed transfer-case gearbox (with a low-range gear and central locking differential). This allows the pick-up to cover 0-60mph in a claimed 4.9sec, faster than the Ford Ranger Raptor, which reaches 62mph in 7.9sec.

As with the original Mk1, Utility and Range variants are also offered with a less powerful motor producing 295bhp and 443lb ft. This allows the model to reach 62mph from a standstill in 7.6sec.

The 75.2kWh (usable capacity) battery offered in Range and Performance models can be recharged at up rates of up to 90kW, enabling 15-80% in 36 minutes. This battery yields a range of 152-190 miles, depending on the conditions, according to Munro.

Utility models are expected to receive the same 56.3kWh battery as in the regular Mk1, allowing 112-141 miles between charges. The smaller battery is limited to a maximum recharge rate of 70kW, but still manages 15-80% in 36 minutes.

The firm is targeting its vehicles at commercial fleets in heavy industries (for example, mining and construction) as well as agriculture and defence, to help with decarbonisation efforts.

The pick-up is priced from £49,995 (excluding VAT) and has already attracted more than 200 orders – a two-year order book – of which three come from FTSE 100 companies and 10 from FTSE 250 companies.

Co-founder and CEO Russell Peterson said: “This represents a significant global market opportunity and one which, with our financial partners, we are poised to fully exploit as we take the next strategic step and move towards the pre-production prototype stage.”

Munro will build 50 early examples of the Mk1 (both in pick-up and traditional 4×4 forms) this year. The start-up’s roadmap targets 2500 units annually by 2027, which would make it the first manufacturer in Scotland to produce a significant volume of cars since Peugeot-Talbot left Linwood in 1981.

Source: Autocar

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