Bentley appoints Volvo's Robin Page as new design boss

bentley batur front 3 4 testing

The Bentley Batur, penned by Andreas Mindt, previews future Bentley designs

Page returns to Crewe, where he designed the Continental GT interior, after a decade away

Bentley has named Robin Page as its new head of design as Tobias Sühlmann prepares to leave the marque to pursue other opportunities.

Page was most recently the head of global design and user experience (UX) at Volvo, where he was responsible for shaping the Swedish brand’s electric cars.

He was head of interior design at Bentley between 2001 and 2013, overseeing models such as the first-generation Continental GT (below) and the State Limousine.

When Page replaces Sühlmann on 1 September, he will be tasked with shaping Bentley’s upcoming battery-electric cars, of which five are set to launch in the five years from 2025.

Sühlmann had been the marque’s head of design since January, after former design chief and Bentley Batur creator Andreas Mindt moved to Volkswagen.

Page said in a statement: “Having worked for 17 years at Bentley, I have always held a strong connection to the brand and kept a close eye on its evolution.

“To return and have the opportunity to help set the design language for the first Bentley BEVs, redefining the rules while keeping continuity to the past and present, is a challenge I am privileged to lead.”

Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark said of Page: “He joins at a time when we are shaping an even greater story as we accelerate our journey to full electrification by 2030.

“His previous experiences from innovative automotive design, combined with a strong understanding of the Bentley brand, means he is perfectly positioned to enable us to achieve our future ambitions as the leader in sustainable luxury mobility.”

Hallmark recently revealed to Autocar that Bentley’s electric line-up will consist of the cars we know today – Flying Spur, Bentayga, Continental GT and GTC – plus a new model.

He added that these will be “easily recognisable” while still progressing the brand’s design language, and that he is prepared to concede “a little” on efficiency to maintain the brand identity.

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Source: Autocar

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