Jaguar I-Pace

01 Jaguar i Pace Sport 400 RT 2023 lead driving
Jaguar’s pioneering EV is entering its fifth year on sale. How is it holding up?

When the Jaguar I-Pace hit the road in 2018, it was quite the landmark moment.Despite the greater R&D budgets of its German rivals, Jaguar had become the first established luxury car brand to bring its expertise to bear on a zero-emissions product. It was a convincing one as well, with a very credible range, fast charging and excellent dynamics.Or at least, it should have been a landmark moment – the root of a rejuvenated Jaguar with a range of electric cars. But the cheaper rear-drive model never materialised, and nor did the high-performance version. Then the electric XJ was cancelled and now Jaguar is going in a different direction entirely.But the standard I-Pace is still here, having received a mild facelift for 2023, and it needs to earn its keep until it passes the baton to an all-new range of supposedly Bentley-rivalling electric Jaguars in 2025. Five years after the I-Pace’s launch, the world of electric cars is a very different one. Can the once-promising Jaguar still keep up?
Source: Autocar

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