Autocar Electric podcast: Live from the 2023 Munich motor show

Autocar electric cars podcast Munich

We discuss our best interviews and favourite cars, and answer all the burning questions at the Munich motor show

The 2023 Munich motor show has played host to a plethora of hugely important new car reveals, including radical new concepts from BMW and Mercedes, an electric hot hatch from Volkswagen and even the rebirth of the Renault Scenic. 

Returning for a second running – having replaced the biennial Frankfurt motor show in 2021 – the IAA in Munich provided an all-encompassing and comprehensive overview of the shape of Europe’s automotive industry, with electrification, software, emissions regulations and the rise of the Chinese car makers among the hottest topics.

There is a lot to take in, and it can be hard to know where to look first, so Autocar’s Felix Page, James Attwood and Mark Tisshaw sat down to discuss their best interviews and favourite cars and to answer all the burning questions. 

What does the Neue Klasse concept mean for BMW’s future? Why is Volkswagen looking backwards as it moves forwards? Can brands like BYD and Seres ever tempt us out of our Fords and Vauxhalls? Join the team for the answers we found while running around the colossal Munich Messe exhibition centre. 

Source: Autocar

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