Toyota shocks with £135k luxury SUV to rival Bentley Bentayga

Toyota Century SUV front three quarter lead

The Century SUV has been developed specially for chauffeur driving

Luxury 4×4 is Toyota Century’s first SUV and has been developed specifically for chauffeurs

The Toyota Century SUV has been unveiled as a £135,000 4×4 developed specially for chauffeur driving, with imposing proportions and wide-ranging technology upgrades.

With order books opening today, Century worked to give the car imposing, squared-off proportions with a design said to be inspired by a loom shuttle, with smooth surfacing and chamfered corners for a broad-shoulder look similar to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. To add to its on-road presence, its front and rear lights are split into four individual units.

It gets luxury touches inside including a refreshment function, fully reclining rear seats, TV screens in the rear, a fridge separating either passenger, and a stereo system developed with a manufacturer of musical instruments to make passengers feel as though they are at a live performance.

With a wheelbase of 2950mm, it is 140mm shorter than the saloon equivalent, and around 40mm shorter than the Range Rover.

It’s been developed with attention paid to chauffeurs and passengers using a chauffeur, therefore its rear doors open to a 75 degree angle, it has a completely flat cabin floor, and gets retractable power steps. 

For owners who prefer to be behind the wheel, the Century SUV has been fitted with a large centrally-mounted infotainment display borrowed from Lexus, digital dials and ambient lighting in the door cards. 

Power comes from a 3.5-litre plug-in hybrid V6, shared with the upcoming Lexus TX, with four-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering for better manoeuvrability around town. It also features a ‘Rear Comfort’ mode which suppresses jolts and excessive braking from the driver to provide more comfortable ride for rear passengers.

To make it is as quiet as possible, it gets laminated glass separating the passenger seats from the boot to keep road and wind noise to a minimum.

Customers will be able to configure their cars with a choice of three standard body colours and four optional colours as part of Century’s exclusive Kiwami Line.

Prices start from 25,000,000 Japanese Yen [the equivalent of £135,000], however no plans have been announced to bring it to the UK.

Source: Autocar

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