Xpeng shows new 'Land Aircraft Carrier' and six-rotor flying car

Xpeng flying car front three quarter

The Xpeng Land Aircraft Carrier has the ability to accommodate 4-5 passengers

Six-wheel-drive truck hosts eVTOL aircraft, while coupé has six foldable rotors and its own parachute system

Xpeng has announced a hybrid-powered, six-wheel drive SUV named the Land Aircraft Carrier and further developments to the eVTOL flying car that it first unveiled in 2021.

Developed by Xpeng Aeroht, the Chinese car maker’s aircraft division, the SUV is used for the road, then the airborne attachment folds out its six rotors for vertical take-off and landing.

The Land Aircraft Carrier, meanwhile, is a six-wheel drive hybrid truck with a helicopter-style aircraft, or pod, that can be deployed from the boot. It has potential for use by emergency services, according to Xpeng, and has been developed with a focus on mountain rescue.

Not dissimilar to the Tesla Cybertruck in profile, the 6×6 has a featureless, slab-sided body with tinted glass and sharp swage lines. The design is still “in development”, but Xpeng said it has been inspired by lunar exploration vehicles. 

Configured with six-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering, it has three separate axles to maximise its carrying capacity and off-road ability. The 6×6’s flying pod also has the ability to operate autonomously for “an accessible flying experience”, claimed Xpeng.

As for the eVTOL electric car, its sophistacted computers can keep it in the air even if it has lost two of its six rotors, and it has a multi-parachute rescue system with a maximum carrying capacity of 1000kg that will break 50m above the ground, instead of the industry-standard 200m, to allow for a more stable touchdown.

Xpeng said various parts of the interior, such as the steering wheel and dashboard, could be adapted for landborne or airborne use.

Source: Autocar

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