Nio ET7

nio et7 review 2023 001 cornering front
Well-sorted, lavishly equipped electric limo has tech wizardry to spare but the competition is fierce

The Nio ET7 is a 5.1m-long saloon showcasing the full kaleidoscope of this very modern Chinese car maker’s tech and luxury and is Nio’s answer to the Mercedes EQS, BMW i7 and Tesla Model S.Mind you, it’ll be a while before you can get one in the UK, because Nio isn’t likely to start selling cars on our shores until 2024, and it’ll be the family-friendly Nio EL6 that arrives first.Still, the ET7 gets the company’s trademark battery-swap tech so (provided Nio gets a network of its stations functioning across the UK’s infrastructure) you’ll be able to drive up, have your depleted battery dropped out, and get a fully charged one installed in five minutes.If you want to charge rather than swap your battery, you’re looking at 140kW maximum DC charging for the 75kWh battery, or 180kW for the 100kWh, while the WLTP combined range is 276 or 360 miles respectively. The company is also offering a new, 150kWh semi-solid-state battery in the ET7 next year that’s said to be good for more than 600 miles of range. However, it’s still unconfirmed whether it will come to Europe or not.
Source: Autocar

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