Volkswagen ID 7

vw id7 review 2023 001 tracking front
Volkswagen gears up to finally go Tesla-hunting with its first all-electric saloon, the ID 7

Electrification has turned a few things on its head. You know how you can describe any hatchback to a less car-savvy acquaintance as ‘basically like a VW Golf’; ‘like a VW Golf, but a bit bigger’, or ‘like a VW Golf, but posher’? Well, here’s the new Volkswagen ID 7, and how might one describe it?It’s like a Tesla Model 3, but from Volkswagen, in the same way that a Hyundai Ioniq 6 and a Polestar 2 are like a Model 3, but from Hyundai or that brand that’s Volvo, but not Volvo. Gosh, these new brands are getting complicated.At least the VW ID 7 recipe is fairly simple. It’s a big five-door electric car based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. Think VW ID 4 but more saloony.
Source: Autocar

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