Taxi maker LEVC reveals eight-seat luxury MPV

LEVC L380 front quarter static

LEVC L380 is based on LEVC’s new Space Oriented Architecture for MPVs and vans

Chinese-made LEVC L380 EV – named after the world’s largest airliner – will be sold globally from 2024

LEVC, the maker of the London taxi, has revealed an electric eight-seat MPV as the first in a range of new “mobility solutions” it will launch in the coming years.

It’s called the L380 in reference to the Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner.

It has already been confirmed to go on sale in markets outside of China, where it will be built, after it’s launched there in 2024, although LEVC refused to tell Autocar whether these will include the UK.

The L380 is based on LEVC’s new Space Oriented Architecture (SOA), which was detailed in an event at the firm’s Coventry factory in May.

Capable of hosting EVs ranging between 4.86m and 5.95m in length, it’s designed to optimise interior space, ease of access, rolling refinement and range – and will underpin a range of large commercial and passenger vehicles separate from the UK-built TX taxi and VN5 van.

Details published by Chinese media suggest the L380 measures 5316mm long, 1998mm wide and 1940mm tall and weighs 2805kg.

Its eight seats are arranged across four rows of two, with the rearmost able to be folded and stowed and the third row able to slide back and forth to boost leg room.

A more luxurious six-seater, no doubt with the requisite equipment and functionality to rival the new Lexus LM, will also be offered.

LEVC will confirm full technical details next year, but early reports suggest the L380 will be offered with the same 268bhp front-mounted motor as the technically related EM90 MPV from sibling brand Volvo and a choice of either a 73kWh or 120kWh battery for a maximum range of 432 miles.

LEVC has confirmed that the SOA platform will underpin EVs with more than 536bhp from a dual-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain, but it hasn’t yet said whether the L380 will offer a choice of outputs.

Source: Autocar

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