Google adds AI to Android Auto to reduce driver distraction


Google is hoping its latest update means less time looking at a screen

Next software update will enable drivers to communicate with other people more quickly and easily

Google has announced that it’s bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to Android Auto in order to reduce the amount of time drivers spend looking at screens.

The new functionality is expected to be rolled out later this year, with Google’s announcement placing particular emphasis on reducing distractions for drivers.

Chief of the additions will be the ability to summarise long messages or chats (so you can listen to a shorter version on the move) and then suggest responses for you.

It will even be able to add context. For instance, if a friend WhatsApps while you’re driving asking what time you will arrive, it will be able to offer them an ETA based on your Google Maps route.

You will also be able to quickly navigate to shared locations with a single tap, without having to manually enter that location into Google Maps. 

Google has also announced that Android Auto is going to better mirror the design of your phone, taking the icon style and wallpaper over to your car’s dashboard display. 

The Google equivalent of Apple CarPlay is a popular choice among drivers, giving them access to Google services when they’re driving and allowing them to avoid car makers’ infotainment systems. 

Access to apps like Spotify and Google Maps are the obvious advantages, but the Google Assistant voice companion is one of the smartest parts of the package.

Chris Hall

Source: Autocar

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